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Business is slow at Sheherazades Bazaar that is until a magical storyteller appears and revives the storytelling traditions of old.



Many moons ago a wicked goblin created a cursed mirror which smashed into a thousand tiny pieces.  A shard of this mirror fell into the eye of an unsuspecting little boy called Kay. Kay’s heart was turned to ice and he was spirited away by the Snow Queen

"I felt like I was taken on a journey..such a creative beautiful piece, with so many fresh ideas, the use of multiple props and characters was endless & wonderful" Audience Member Arabian Nights

"Thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Very imaginative, interesting and creative. It kept my attantion and my 6 year old." Audience Member Arabian Nights

"Captured the essence and magic of bonkersdom, it was a great spin on a story worth celebrating." Audience member The Pied Piper of Hamelin

"What a truly enhanting experience and one of the best "Dream's" that I have seen. Performed with great energy and enthusiasm, wondering through the "Beeches" and letting the magic unfold." Audience member at A Midsummer Night's Dream

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