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Available to Tour to small/mid scale venues

Once upon a time the Land of Nod was cast into darkness by the Shadow Witch who took away the light and made it forever night. Only a worthy Prince can break the curse by finding a hidden pea.


Prince Percival is known as the lazy Prince of Nod and would rather stay in bed that fulfill his princely duties. But the Queen fed up with Percival’s loafing decides to send him on a quest to prove that he can be a proper prince and find a proper Princess to be his wife. Percival sets off to woo Princesses but on his travels he meets Greenfingers the down to earth Royal vegetable grower who makes Percival realise that he needs to change his lazy ways.


This is not your usual bedtime story. A tale full of mystery, intrigue and a witches curse that must be broken to bring light back to the Land of Nod. A ‘peas’ your little ones and brin g themalong to the Royal Palace where Prince Percival is holding his annual pyjama Birthday party. But don’t fall asleep for he will need your help on a quest to prove that he can be a proper prince. On your journey with Prince Percival see if you can spot Colin the giant talking carrot, Dolly the Sheep with her flock of fantastic floating sheep and maybe learn how to grow your very own pea



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