Baba Yaga Bony Legs

An outdoor promenade production that took place in woodlands after dark.

Baba Yaga is a Witch

In the  forest she dwells

She roams and she walks

She wanders and stalks

The children get caught in her spells


With the help of a cunning crow and  her magical Russian dolls can Marsha outwit Baba Yaga and escape being eaten for dinner? 


Baba Yaga was performed in woodlands at Trent Park & Forty Hall - Enfield, Burnham Beeches - Buckinghamshire and South Hill Park - Berkshire.




Adapted by Skewbald Theatre

Scripted by Olivia Thompson

Director: Hayley Byfield

Designer: Ele Slade

Lyrics: Oliva Thompson & Jon Bostrum

Puppet Designer: Jessica Kay

Performers: Noel Andrew Harron, Jon Bostrum, Olivia Thompson, Tory Sandars, Laura Agel.